Why To Choose Latex Balloons?

Why To Choose Latex Balloons?

What event doesn't require balloons? In reality, it'd be not easy to come across a more enjoyable decor element for a room than a vibrant balloon. They're also affordable decorations for the budget-conscious event organizer. If you're ever looking for balloons, think about these little-known facts about balloons made of latex.

The latex material is porous, meaning it's packed with thousands of microscopic holes. When you blow up a balloon made of latex, you'll see that the latex becomes thinner. What you don't be aware of is that you're also stretching those tiny holes to make them larger! What happens? The helium you inflate the balloon with slowly seeps through these holes, and the balloon begins to sink to the floor.

Latex balloons are good for the environment

Latex balloons are biodegradable so long as you do not release balloons in the air and threaten birds and other animals. It can take anywhere between 6 months and four years. However, this is one decoration for a party that will not end up in a garbage bin for years to be.

What balloons made of latex used to be?

Before the invention of balloons made of latex and latex, the balloons were made of animal bladders. That's right--bladders. For filling them, bladders first had to be dried. Then, they would use thread to fill in any holes in the bladder before twisting it to create an ancient type of balloon-like animal. I bet you're thankful for latex right now.

A lighter product than air

Balloons are filled with Helium, a noble gas that's much lighter and more breathable than air. A balloon filled with Helium can remain inflated for a period ranging from a few hours to several days, depending on the air's temperature and other elements. Balloons deflate naturally as gas escapes from the balloon's wall, and Mylar balloons made of foil can keep Helium in place for longer durations.

One of the most attractive aspects of latex balloons as decorations for parties is that they are available in various shapes, colors and dimensions. This means that you can indeed find the perfect balloons for your decor. You can also change your décor by adding balloons in different sizes, from small to huge.