Tip For Choosing Right Balloons & Accessories

Tip For Choosing Right Balloons & Accessories

Balloons are essential to any party. Even though they are whimsical, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your party, especially if you have a limited budget.

This post will discuss the most important aspects when shopping for balloon accessories.

Types Of Balloons


Latex balloons are the gold standard in party balloons. You can choose from latex, rubber, polychloroprene, or nylon fabric, and these elastic fabrics can take up air and expand to five times their normal size.

Helium Latex

Helium latex balloons have been specifically designed to inflate helium. Helium latex balloons have a longer inflating time than regular balloons, and the material is designed to keep the helium inside the balloon.

A regular latex balloon will hold helium for 8-10 hours after inflating. However, a helium latex ball can last up to 4 days, and this is an excellent option for party planners who wish to prepare floating balloons several days in advance.


Foil balloons last for longer than latex or helium balloons. Foil balloons can last up to two weeks when inflated, and they are also less likely to pop than the other types.

On the other hand, Foil balloons are less elastic and more susceptible to heat damage, and they are also less likely to be exposed to high temperatures. They can also be blown up using a Helium Tank, just like latex balloons.

What to Consider When Buying a Balloon

There are many options for balloons and accessories, so it cannot be easy to find exactly what you want. These are some things to consider before you shop for party supplies.

Size and shape

Are you looking for something that can be shaped into animals or something precise? Latex balloons can be molded into various shapes and are elastic, flexible, and strong. On the other hand, Foil balloons come in standard sizes and shapes.

Foil balloons let you choose from various shapes, whereas latex balloons are limited in this respect.


Do you want a custom-printed/personalized balloon or a regular balloon? Latex and foil balloons can be printed with different messages and designs to add life and excitement to any event.

Quantity and cost

Will you inflate the balloons using helium or regular oxygen? Are you going to use helium or latex balloons? Foil balloons tend to be cheaper than latex balloons. However, foil balloons can be more cost-effective as they last longer than latex balloons.

You might consider investing in stronger foil balloons if you plan to reuse your balloons. However, this may be a better choice in the long term.


Depending on their type, balloons can be kept inflated for days to weeks. A foil balloon is better if you plan a large event that will require weeks of preparation.

The same goes for standard latex balloons. You have ample time to organize the rest of your party with 8-10 hours of inflated balloons.

Other Balloon Accessories

Latex balloons are commonly used with Cups and Balloon Sticks. Cups and sticks can be attached to balloons without helium to create the illusion of floating. These are the most cost-effective balloon accessories and come in packs. These accessories can be spray painted to add charm and character to your balloons.

Ribbons – work well with latex and helium balloons. Ribbons can be added to the balloon's end to create a spiral effect towards the ground. This is a cost-effective way to upgrade your party decor without spending too much.

Balloon Weights could be ribbons tied with coins at the ends or small corks added at the end. The balloon weight keeps your helium balloons safe from exploding, and you can also use household items like empty glass bottles as balloon weights.

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