How Long Does Helium Balloon Last?

How Long Does Helium Balloon Last?

A helium balloon is a balloon that has been filled with the gas helium. If you let an inflatable balloon go, rise, or sink, it's filled with Helium. A typical size latex balloon measures 11-12 inches. A balloon that is 11-12 inches in diameter is expected to float for between 8 and 15 hours.


No Worries. There are solutions.

(1) Use Ultra Hi-Float as a solution for your balloon made of latex 

Ultra Hi-Float treatment is an amazing solution that can aid in prolonging the life of your latex balloons, and they can be able to float for up to 3 kinds longer. Request your salesperson for your party to inquire about Hi-Float treatments.

(2) Utilize mylar, foil, or vinyl balloons 

The standard size 18-21 inch mylar or foil balloons will be floating on Helium for two to five days.

(3) Pick larger balloons

The bigger the balloon, the greater the Helium they require, and the longer they'll float. The most durable balloons will last between 2 and 5 days

(4) Make use of balloons made of air--

What is an air balloon? Balloons that are filled with air.

Balloons that are filled with air cannot be able to float. If the balloon is inflated and you let it go, and it falls to the ground, it will be packed with air. The balloons are usually suspended or placed on stands or stacked in a row stand. Air balloons typically are inflated for at least 3 days, and they can, in some cases, last for months or even weeks.

Certain balloons aren't big enough to float. Balloons that are smaller than 9 inches have a short time to float, and, often, the ribbon tied to the balloon can make it heavier.

All of these float time estimates are based upon balloons employed inside.

Balloons used outside are susceptible to wind, heat, rain, sun, and other elements of nature. Be cautious when using balloons outdoors. Be sure to not place the balloons directly in sunlight or low winds, or in the rain. The balloons shouldn't be put on the ground for a later occasion.

Some new methods and products can prolong the lifespan of balloons made from latex and prolong the lifespan of your balloons to ensure you can make the most of your decorations. I hope you find this useful.