Party Decoration Ideas Using Latex & Foil Balloons

Party Decoration Ideas Using Latex & Foil Balloons

Whether it's a formal event or just a gathering of people of similar ages, a gathering cannot be complete without brightly colored balloons that decorate the floors, walls, or ceilings. The strings or ribbons can be tied to balloon weights to keep them close to the ground or tied to posts. Most often, the balloons made of latex are placed on the top of flexible sticks, making them easy to arrange into flowers or table decorations. The best part is to decorate your event by putting custom balloons on display that feature your logo or perhaps a message for the celebrating person.

Staggered, Tiered, or Spiral Balloons

Foil balloons are often blended with latex balloons of various shapes and shades. Their arrangement could be tiered or staggered depending on the location they'll be positioned and for the purpose for which they'll be used. Spiral balloon arrangements can be found in staircases and archways or wrapped around posts or an upright column. They are generally set near the venue's entry and exits and between the two sides of the staging.

An arrangement tied with a tie also uses an assortment of foil and latex balloons. However, they are tied so that smaller shapes of balloons are placed beneath a larger one at the center. 

Mixed Balloons Topiaries and Chandeliers

In addition to hanging these latex and foil balloons on walls and covering them with stairs or posts, They also look fantastic as topiaries that stand on their own in painted pots or as floating chandeliers. Topiary arrangements usually employ baby balloons with metallic or pearl shades and are decorated with ribbons. Helium or air could be used to blast them into the air. They'll remain on party balloon sticks to hold them in position.

If the tables are too small to be used as centerpieces, these bright-colored balloons can be arranged in hanging chandeliers and floating puffballs. The balloons draw the eye to the ceiling and illuminate the entire space as the lights from the ceiling reflect on the aluminum foil or glossy latex. Additionally, event planners or event planners can use the various shapes of balloons to make stunning arrangements using ribbons, tinsel, and pastel papers.

An arrangement suggestion for Custom Printed Balloons

The topiary balloons were specially designed with butterflies or flowers to give the illusion of tiny trees lining the site. But instead of having personalized balloons with the same design on each piece, what better way to create an image observed from the ground? The balloons should be printed with a portion of a black and white image of the person celebrating and the corporate logo or the words of personalizing a greeting or warm message. When guests look up the balloons, they'll remember why the celebration was held.