Top 3 Facts About Mylar Balloons

Top 3 Facts About Mylar Balloons

Did you know that 70% of people enjoy celebrating their birthdays! A grand birthday party makes everyone feel special, no matter their age. Most people are drawn to balloons when decorating their birthdays.

There are many options for balloons in different colours and designs. You can think of a birthday party theme and see the many options for incorporating balloons into your decorations. Mylar balloons (also known as foil balloons) are popular for balloons that move in the air.

We have some fun facts about mylar balloons today that will help you understand why they are such a popular choice for birthday celebrations.

  • Mylar balloons shine better than latex balloons because they are made from two different materials. Mylar is the base material, which is a kind of nylon. The foil layer, which is aluminium, is the thin outer layer. Mylar and foil balloons have the same base material.
  • Mylar balloons are easily customizable in many shapes, sizes and colours. You can purchase all-ages birthday balloons, characters balloons and happy face balloons. You don't have to be specific about what you want.
  • Mylar balloons can be inflated with either helium or air. Helium allows balloons to float instead of sinking to the ground. A mylar balloon with helium will stay inflated for more than two weeks.

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