Top 3 Major Types of Balloons

Top 3 Major Types of Balloons

Suppose you're looking for balloons for your celebration or other events. In that case, it's beneficial to be aware of the kinds of balloons on the market, and you will be able to purchase the exact items you require to host your event or for marketing needs. Balloons are among the most effective promotional giveaways you can buy. They're eye-catching, loved by adults and kids alike, and have an enormous imprint area that allows your message or logo is visible even from great distances.

To help you understand the primary types of balloons and how they differ, the best thing to do is explain the advantages of each type of balloon. The three main kinds of balloons for parties are balloons made of latex, mylar balloons and cloudbuster balloons.

3 Main Types of Balloons

Latex Balloons

The most commonly used kind of balloons is the balloons made from latex. These balloons expand to form an oval shape and are made from recyclable latex, and can be easily personalized by printing your logo, designs, or text. They're usually available in sizes ranging between 9 inches and 18 inches. The most well-known and commonly used dimension is 11" personalized latex balloons, followed by the 9" ones.

Latex balloons generally use Helium well, usually lasting between 10 and up to 14 hours of float time. Still, various aspects, including how customized latex balloons are sealed and how much Helium is used, are significant factors in determining the float time. If price is a major concern for you, remember that the smaller your balloon, the lesser Helium you'll require.

Mylar (or Foil) Balloons

Mylar balloons cost more than latex balloons. However, there are many compelling reasons to choose them. They're better quality balloons with a metallic appearance and feel, and it also has more imprint space and much longer float times. Nothing draws more the attention of a sweet, shining, bright, and bright floating balloon made of mylar.

Cloudbuster Balloons

Finally, we offer our cloudbuster balloons. These are commonly called chloroprene balloons. They are constructed of high-quality latex that wards off the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays and can be 10 times stronger than standard latex balloons. The size will depend on the cloudbuster balloons you choose to purchase the float time can exceed three weeks!

Cloudbuster balloons are inflated to an almost perfect sphere, and they are so sturdy that they can be used only outside. They cannot be customized; unfortunately, a high-flying colourful chloroprene ballon can be a great way to mark your location for business or an event, even from a long distance! Purchase our vibrant display pennants to match the balloons to make your setup more appealing. Cloudbuster balloons are available in kits on our website that include balloons, 100 feet of pennants for display and easy-to-follow instructions.

We hope that this description of the three primary types of balloons available on the market today will be beneficial when buying balloons for your next celebration or celebration. If you need assistance buying balloons or have questions about them, contact us to get an answer.